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I have over 15 years of bookkeeping experience working in the auto, utility, agriculture, construction, and insurance industries; with both small and large companies, from self-owned with no employees to Fortune 500 companies.  My experience has also given me the opportunity to obtain a Professional Bookkeeping Certificate and Associates Degree in Accounting.  I am currently staying up to date while obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.


Multi state payroll working with employee garnishments, piece work, commissions, and overtime along with company benefits including matching 401k plans. Filing tax reports per pay period or quarterly.


Setting companies up new to QuickBooks, training, and compiling reports as needed.

Consulting and Advisory Services

One of my favorite things is to see what can be.  I enjoy working with my clients to help them create a plan of action to grow their business while looking for signs that changes need to occur to keep them profitable,

Business & Personal Budgeting

Business fail and people get into trouble financially due to not knowing all the expenses that they need to plan on paying.  Having a budget takes the pressure off of knowing how you will pay your bills.

MS Excel & Word

Excel and Word are tools that can make your life easier.  Documents can be created and protected so that your employees can give you the financial information that you are requiring. 

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