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A-sset of Books

At A-sset of Books it is our desire to see businesses succeed.  You have a dream of what you want to provide to your clients.  That dream has come to reality or soon will.  Verifying that your revenue is higher that your expenses will help you know if you are charging the correct prices.  Are you collecting your money that is owed you?  Is your advertising bringing in business?  Do you need to hire employees?  If so, what paperwork needs to be collected and how long do you need to keep them?  What is your bottom line financially?  These are just a few of the questions that we can help you answer.


Kim Lindblom, Managing Member

The desire to meet people and build long-term relationships while providing a service that is needed was my motivation for creating A-sset of Books.  Being able to meet my clients and see what they have created is one of my favorite ways of building my business.  Being able to work remotely also gives both of us the opportunity to work together whether close by or across the country in a quick manner.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest gave me a great opportunity to experience how much small business helps our economy.  You buy a car from one of local dealerships or car lots and take a road trip taking in the great mountains we have here in the Northwest.  The rivers are used to help irrigate the agriculture and give people the opportunity to go on a guided tour down the river or just float it on an inner tube.  Maybe pull those kayaks out that you bought at the local store.  Driving through some of the most picturesque places you stop and have some homemade ice cream out on the benches set on the wood sidewalks.  The ocean is calling so you drive over the beautiful mountains to go walk the beach and see if there are some cool shells on the sand or starfish in the rocks to explore.  The small shops that sell the kites to fly on the beach and the sweatshirt to stay warm in are just waiting for us to come explore them.  Move a head a few months and we are skiing on those beautiful mountains.  Is entrepreneurship alive and thriving in the Pacific Northwest?  Yes.  Thanks to so many of you that took a chance.  Thanks for giving us a huge opportunity to enjoy the area that we are from.  Thanks for hiring people so they can have the same opportunities that I have had in this wonderful area. 


 My experience has given me the ability to accurately help protect your investment.  By working with me you will have more time to spend building your business, meeting new clients, and enjoying the opportunity that made you want to create your company.  Being able to meet deadlines, seeing the big picture, and knowing ways to simplify your processes will potentially give you the ability to grow your business.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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